A perfect weekend getaway in Roses

Roses, Costa Brava

Breaking the routine is good. Therefore, we can say that traveling, even for a short period of time, is healthy for both the mind and health. We propose a perfect weekend getaway in Roses, the Costa Brava.

Just an hour and a half from Barcelona you will find the rest you need so much. Tourism in Roses offers a lot of different activities to do during your weekend: you can go to the beach and bathe in pristine beaches of crystal clear water, you can enjoy the rich cuisine of the area as now fresh fish and also You can do tourism activities purely by visiting all the architectural wealth that houses the area.

Do you know the history of Roses?

The history of the town of Roses goes back to the Paleolithic as the first settlement. If you spend a weekend in Roses you can not miss a walk in the mountains and make the route of the dolmens. From the top of the mountain you will see the bay of Roses from another perspective.

Subsequently, the Greek population from Marseille settled. Their traces by the passage of time are found in the excavations that have been made in the wall of Roses in which remains of minted coins were found.

The Romans developed pottery, livestock and wine production, so important today. In the middle ages the population settled on the mountain path of Puig Rom where they created the architecture of the Visigothic people.

After a few years, approximately in the sixteenth century the citadel of Roses and the Trinity Castle were built. Both fortresses were created to defend against pirates and invaders that came from the sea and the land.

And it is not until the mid-nineteenth century that modernist buildings are built on the seafront. And from the 60s with the massification of tourism Roses was completely transformed to the town we observe today.

Activities in Roses

During the weekend you can do a lot of activities and among all we would like to highlight the following:

  1. Routes through Roses: if you are a hiking lover or you like to go cycling, this is your perfect activity. Enjoy contact with nature while taking a walk with incredible views of the Bay of Roses. You can take mountain roads or take a walk along the round road that borders all the beaches and coves in the area.
  2. Water sports: Keep practicing sports during your weekend, you have to choose! You can rent a boat and discover the beaches from another point of view, you can rent a paddle board, sail, windsurf and even kitesurf.
  3. You can enjoy a full day at the Aquabrava water park
  4. If you are a wine lover, we propose the Do Empordà wine routes: learn about the whole winemaking process and enjoy a tasting under the same vineyards.

Accommodation in Roses

These are some of the activities we propose to enjoy a weekend getaway in Roses, Costa Brava. And if you do not know where to stay remember that in Costa Girona you will find your perfect apartment for this weekend full of adventures. Check the website and in it you will find all the apartments available for the indicated days. In Costa Girona there are affordable apartments for a low cost weekend. Apartments for 2, 4, 6 and up to 11 people. Houses with private pool and incredible views of the Bay of Roses.

Click on the following link and choose the accommodation on the Costa Brava that best suits your tastes, preferences and needs. Remember that we also offer personalized customer service. You can contact us by writing an email to info@costagirona.com or by calling our office +34 972 25 41 45, our business hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Live the Costa Brava experience with Costa Girona and make this weekend getaway to remember.

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