What to do in the Costa Brava: aquatic activities

Costa Brava

Summer vacations are ideal to disconnect from the routine and relieve accumulated tensions. Taking advantage of the environment during your vacation is a good option to get to know the Costa Brava from another point of view. Therefore, we wanted to propose what to do in the Costa Brava and we have prepared a small list of the best aquatic activities.

  1. The best beaches of the Costa Brava

The main aquatic activity that we propose on the Costa Brava is to go to the beach and go swimming. It is a good way to discover the best beaches of the Costa Brava. Surely you are going to fall in love.

Swimming is a sport that helps maintain fitness and also gives us nutrients from seawater and vitamins from the sun. The first hours of the day are very good for swimming. The sea is calm and the beaches empty.

  1. Excursions along the Costa Brava

If you travel with children, going sailing with Els Blaus de Roses is synonymous with guaranteed fun. Enjoy the underwater view to know the seabed and choose one of the excursions offered daily.

Another option is to make a route to Cadaqués with an approximate duration of 3 hours and with an hour and a half stop to visit this charming fishing village that is known throughout the world.

Finally, we want to recommend an excursion to Cap Norfeu with bath. The duration is two and a half hours, with departure from the fishing port of Roses and with a first stop at the coves of Canyelles Petites and Almadraba. The next stop is at the Natural Park of Cap de Creus, which starts at Punta Falconera and reaches Cap de Creus. The excursion continues, bordering all the small and virgin beaches, until reaching Cala Pelosa. The bath stops are very fun and relaxing, as they allow access to the turquoise water by pulling down one of the side slides.

  1. Visit the Medes Islands

Visiting the Medes Islands is a pleasure that Els Blaus de Roses offers on one of its sea excursions. The journey begins across the entire Bay of Roses. You will pass through the Montgrí massif, a famous figure that draws the silhouette of a sleeping bishop on the mountain. There is also a stop at the Estartit and the possibility of going to the weekly market is offered. Finally, you will reach the Medes Islands, a natural space where many species of Mediterranean marine fauna coexist.

  1. Water adventure sports

On the Costa Brava you will also find other types of water activities. To live a unique experience there are nautical adventure sports for you.

Do you want to laugh The Banana float never goes out of style and is one of the most fun water activities on the Costa Brava to do in a group. More adrenaline? Try the Flyboard and try not to fly away or get on the fast Monster boat. Get ready, this boat has 450 hp of power!

Seeing Roses from another perspective is also a water activity on the Costa Brava that we want to recommend for this holiday. Fly over the sea of ​​Roses and see its beautiful landscapes with bird’s eye views thanks to the activity of Parasailing.

There are also many activities for those who want to feel like a fish in the water. The Flyboard is made up of a jet ski that helps launch water under pressure through a hose. This goes directly to the platform so that the person performing the activity can propel themselves by combining air jumps and diving in the sea.

If you prefer to discover the coast on your own, you have the option to rent a kayak and access the most virgin corners of the area. We also recommend renting a paddle surf to enjoy the calm sea early in the morning.

Would you like to take a boat or jet ski, but you don’t have a license? There are organized excursions where you can drive, even if you don’t have a license. Organize your group tour and the guide will show you how to drive it. In Roses you can also drive without having a license. So prepare your cooler and enjoy your boat trip.

Accommodation on the Costa Brava

Discover the aquatic activity of the Costa Brava that you like the most and share your experience with Costa Girona.

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