What to visit in Roses?


If you are planning a getaway on the Costa Brava, specifically in Roses, in the post that you will read below we will recommend what to visit in Roses during your vacation.

Roses is a municipality belonging to the Alt Empordà region and with province in Girona. It is an ideal holiday destination, for its beaches, weather, landscapes and gastronomy.

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The first recommendation at your arrival is to take a walk arround. Roses is a relatively small town and allows its rapid mobility and you can also visit the historic center and all the small streets with small lovely shops.

Approach to the main street in front the beach that calls “paseo marítimo” of Roses. It is recommended to take the walk or with the first rays of sun or with the sunset. On this walk you will find sculptures and monuments of the 18th century and even a Roman anchor found on the seabed of Roses. Take advantage and make a stop on one of the terraces of the promenade, drink that drink you like more and just enjoy the views.

What also visit in Roses?

Roses also offers many cultural and leisure activities, as well as adventure activities. In the village and in its vicinity, you can find several places full of history, some of them even declared Assets of Cultural Interest. These include:

The Ciutadella

fortalesa de rosesThe Ciutadella de Roses is the most visited and known monument of Roses. Declared as a historical complex since 1961. It collects traces of the last thirteen centuries.

This monument, more than 1,000 meters in diameter, brings together, apart from the intrinsic architectural values, features of a unique historical document as the place where the imprint of a human community settled in the same place since ancient times has remained. From Greeks to Romans, through many civilizations, they have left their mark on the Citadel of Roses. Come visit it and discover all its secrets!

The Castell de la Trinitat

The Castell de la Trinitat is a Renaissance fortification built in the 16th century, it is said that it was built on an old hermitage. From the Trinidad Castle you can enjoy splendid views of the entire bay of Roses. If the day is clear you can even see L’Escala and Sant Pere Pescadors, located just on the opposite side of the Bay of Roses.

Megalithic Set

Considered as a Cultural Asset of National Interest, the megalithic group of Roses is highly recommended to visit during your stay on the Costa Brava. This set consists of dolmens and menhirs built by the Paleolithic and the Neolithic.

Hiking or water sports

A highly recommended activity in Roses is hiking. This landscape of l’Alt Empordà offers routes of great route, small and roads of Ronda to be in contact with nature.

Roses also offers endless activities for lovers of water sports such as kayaking, kitesurfing through gusts of wind and sailing. And, thanks to the marine biodiversity in the area, you can snorkel and discover the entire seabed.

DO Empordà Wine Route

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Our last recommendation on what to do in Roses is to taste the wonderful wine of the region. The DO Empordà Wine Route offers to know the production of wine in wineries, its tasting in restaurants and visits to its museums.

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