The Castell de la Trinitat of Roses

Far De La Poncella

We have started in 2019 with a spectacular time at the Costa Brava. This time we propose a visit to the Castell de la Trinitat, a cultural and historical place of Roses, Girona.

Near the lighthouse and on the “tip of the Poncella” we find the Castell de la Trinidad. With panoramic views of the entire Golf de Roses and 60 meters above sea level. Enjoy its views and the history that hides this little corner of the world.

The history of the Castell de la Trinitat

Its origin resides in the year 1508. Year in which a small church commissioned by Emperor Carlos I was built and designed by Captain General of Artillery Luís Pizaño. But, years later, the church was demolished.

Since 1988 it is considered a Site of Cultural Interest and in recent years, facilities have been restored due to its deterioration over time.

A good activity to do Roses with the little ones of the house or with friends is to go to Castell de la Trinidad. Enjoy the guided tours that take place every Saturday and Sunday for only 5 euros.

Accommodations on the Costa Brava

Do you know Costa Girona? It is our web portal specialized in short-stay accommodation on the Costa Brava. So, if you want to enjoy a weekend in Roses and stay near the Castell de la Trinidad or any of the other impressive places that surround the Costa Brava, do not hesitate to consult our offer to our website.

Agi Bella Panoramica and Agi Blau Mar are two of our apartments available for a good weekend near the Castell de la Trinidad. In addition, from our apartments, you will have the same views as from the Castell.

accommodation on the costa brava

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