Dalí’s house, pure inspiration and tranquility

From Costa Girona we always offer the best accommodations to relax and enjoy, but this time we will go a little further, because we want to share with you a magical place on the Costa Brava where you can get inspired. This is Dalí’s house, which is located in the town of Port Lligat.

The town of Port Lligat

Port Lligat is a small town north of the Costa Brava located in an extraordinary place, Cap de Creus. It is located right next to Cadaqués and its orography is characterized by being a small bay sheltered from the Mediterranean Sea by a small island, the Island of Port Lligat.

Dali Port Lligat House

This modest paradise is known for being the residence of the Catalan artist Salvador Dalí, and in what was his house can now be visited as a museum. At this time of the year, visiting Costa Brava, Port Lligat and museums like this one is almost mandatory. Its beaches and places rest from the hustle and bustle of summer tourism.

Dalí made this small town his home and place of inspiration, building his house step by step by acquiring different fishermen’s houses.

As you can see on the website of www.salvador-dali.org, during these Christmas holidays you can meet from the inside and enjoy the surroundings in which Dalí surrounded himself to be inspired during his creations.

In this same page you will find the prices, informative catalogs and the different places where the artist left his mark with his works, among them the well-known Dalí Museum in Figueras.

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