“Ciutadella” of Rosas

La Costa Brava Es Cultura

There is no doubt that the Costa Brava is beach, sun, relaxation … But it is also live Culture.

In the north of the Costa Brava, there are different corners ideal for all those travelers who also want to know the culture of the area. It is typical to know the wonders of the Catalan artist Salvador Dalí, such as the Dalí Museum, in Figueres, or the Dalí House, in Port Lligat. However, in Roses, is the Ciutadella de Rodes, a Renaissance fortification located at the entrance of the town, whose visit is essential.

The fortification of the Ciutadella de Rodes

The subsoil of the Ciutadella de Roses enclosure is an archeological site of very wide chronology, from the fourth century BC to the nineteenth century, with remnants of ancient times (Hellenistic neighborhood) and Visigothic or late-Roman.

This monument of more than 1,000 meters in diameter gathers, apart from intrinsic architectural values, characteristics of a unique historical document as a place where the evolution of a human community settled in the same place since ancient times is recorded.

It encompasses the Greek and Roman city of Rhode, the Visigothic nucleus and the medieval Roses through modern and contemporary military installations.

Inside the Ciutadella

Inside the Ciutadella, remains of ancient times are preserved and there is an important site of Visigothic or late-Roman times. From the medieval Roses, the monastery and the urban nucleus that develops around the different perimeters of walls are present.

Finally, from the last phase, the modern era, are the remains of different military buildings.

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