The best coves and beaches of Roses

Mapa Calas Roses Costa Brava

I often wonder why we return to the places where we have already been. I guess there is never a valid answer for everyone… But over time we realize that, almost unwittingly, we find those common places where everything starts to make sense. We talk about beauty, tranquility, variety…. We talk about Roses and the countless beaches and coves that its surroundings. Therefore, today we want to prepare a list with the best coves and beaches of Roses.

What would our summers be without the excursion to find that long beach that accompanies the pictures of our childhood, or that hidden corner that a friend recommends you?  There are numerous coves where you can get lost.

The best beaches of Costa Brava  to go with children

  • Canyelles Petites is a semi-urban residential beach located about 3 km from de center of Roses. It is characterized by being of fine sand with transparent waters. Safe from the Tramuntana- so feared by bathers-, it enjoys great public success thanks to services such as footbaths, walkways, a hotel, restaurants and skate rental, among others.
  • L’Almadrava (o Canyelles Grosses) Is a semi-urban residential beach that is located about 5 km from Roses. Of fine sand, it has a length of 500 meters and 25 meters wide and has numerous services such as access for people with reduced mobility, walkways, restaurants, skate and kayak rental. In addition, it is sheltered from the dreaded Tramuntana, the famous wind has become an indigenous tourist attraction over the area.
  • The Platja Nova, located in the urban center of Rosas, next to the Paseo Marítimo and overlooking the Bay of Rosas, has about 450m of fine sand, shallow and clear watersand with services such as wastebaskets, WC, office of tourism and children’s playground. In addition, in the months of July and August there is a children’s club where you can leave children playing with inflatables, doing workshops, music, etc. The problem, in this case, is that if we get little confused, we run the risk of forgettin the kids in the house.
  • With shallow waters, Santa Margarita beach extends from Salatar beach to the mouth of the residential Marina of Santa Margarita. It is a good option for families with children, due to the large number of services Marina, with more than 15km of navigable canals and with considerable gastronomic offer. Next to the beach, we find the promenade and its intense nightlife. And it is that little march always goes well.
  • Also in the center of Rosas we find the Punta beach, with 500 m of fine sand that comprise the space from the new marina to the breakwater of the Riera Ginjolers. Ideal for families and water sports. Located between Rosas and Salatar urbanization, El “Rastell beach”  stands as the largest in Rosas and one of the busiest. With fine sand and shallow water. This makes it one of the largest number of bathers, thanks also to services such as rescue and lifeguard, access for people with reduced mobility, Windsurf school, skate rental or volleyball net.
  • Salatar Beach is located within the homonymous urbanization with a wide range of commercial, recreational, gastronomic permises.. It is a 500 m long beach with fine sand and shallow water. This makes it one of the largest number of bathers, thanks algo to services such as rescue and lifeguard, acces for people with reduced mobility, Windsurf school, skate rental or volleyball net.
  • The small beach “Els Palangrers” is located just 1 km from the urban center of Rosas, just below the road that leads to the lighthouse. It is a beach of fine sand and crystal clear waters, with a bottom of sand and rock. Familiar and of grate tradition among the locals, it is known as the beach pf the second pier.
playa de canyelles petites

Canyelles Petites Roses – Costa Girona

Bowse The Costa Brava

  • Pelosa Beach, located in Cap Norfeu, is one of the favorite places for sailors; because there is little more appetizing and pleasant during these hot days than taking a vermouth or paella aboard a ship, whoever has it, of course.
  • Cala Jòncols is a beautiful virgin cove located 18 km from Roses and is protected by steep cliffs. They also have a bar / restaurant service that service that serves meals on board. Ideal diving.

For divers

  • The famous Cala Montjoi is an unbeatable place for scuba diving since seabed acquires a steep slope.  This wide cove (of coarse sand) is located 12 km from Roses and can be accessed through the same coastal road that leads to Jòncols cove. Until recently it was a hotbed of gastronomic activity thanks to the relentless work of Ferran Adrià in “El Bulli” now closed to the public.
  • Considered as a small extension of the Montjoi cove, Cala Calís is only separated by small reefs.
  • The small Cala Calitjàs, just 110 meters away, is surrounded by cliffs and transparent waters. Between Cala Montjoi and Cala Pelosa, it is an idyllic spot just 14 km from the city center. It can only be reached on foot from the dirt road that goes from Cala Montjoi to Cala Jòncols. Water quickly acquires depth in this place.
    cala calitjàs

    Cala Calitjàs Roses – Costa Girona

Coves to get lost

  • El Bonifaci is a small cove located between the beaches of l’Almadrava and Canyelles Petites. It is accessed by a quiet from Ronda from any of the mentioned beaches. It is of coarse sand with pebbles and does not have even 1000 square meters, with (still) keeps its charm.
  • Cala Canadell is one of those places that you should not miss to visit. It is a small virgin and lonley cove hidden between the Jòncols and Pelosa coves.
  • Another small and lovely cove is Cala Rustella. Of course, the best way to access is by the sea. It is an idyllic unspoiled place surrounded by beautiful cliffs located about 10 km from Roses.
  • Cala Murtra is another small paradise reserved for those who can access by boat. Located 10km from Roses it is very lonely and with wild air. It has authorization for nudism.
Cala Rustella Roses - Costa Girona

Cala Rustella Roses – Costa Girona

For every taste, in the area of Roses we find some of the most beautiful and remote coves of Catalonia, as well as the large urban beaches that combine services and quality to offer endless possibilities that meet all needs.

The are always places that do not appear on the lists and recommendations that deserve to be among the best coves and beaches of Roses… I know. So I encourage you to discover these new and beautiful corners for yourself so that, over time, you will discover the reason that leads you to return to those places where you have already been.


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